Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Camera filters (on, you've guessed it, the HTC One X camera!)

So I keep banging on about this phone. But honestly, there's a reason. Apart from the growing kudos from owning this beautiful piece of design ("what is that? Looks like a mini-tablet!") it's got some great functions too.

First up, the camera effects. Bringing up this little screen below lets you choose from a variety of effects

HTC One X Camera Effects Screen

The Solarize setting is one of my favourites and can be stunning at night: 

St. Paul's Cathedral taken on the HTC One X in Solarize mode

And distortion can create some pretty quirky effects with the right composition (or just a friend's face, your choice!).

Street in Portsmouth taken on the HTC One X in distortion mode

For anyone doubting that mobile photography is a legitimate method of producing art, the HTC One provides a pretty good (8mp) argument. If you're still not sure, here's a picture of a book I saw at the Tate Modern at the weekend, and a link to the book on amazon. It's a bit out of date though, as One X doesn't seem to feature...

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