Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Android vs iPhone debate (Part 2)

So a while back I posted this - an 'I told you so' on why android was finally winning, at least in terms of market share. I may - repeat may - be changing my mind. 

The HTC Hero I bought in 2008 is still alive and kicking. I haven't even updated the android version and it's only just getting slow. So what's the problem? Well there's two. Developers, and my general laziness.

Developers and Brands

Ok, so I don't have the stats. But amongst the many articles that sprang up about Steve Job's recent passing I found this little gem of a quote:

Jobs and his team taught companies that brands and technology can be interwoven without being complex and confusing - the reason brands still seek to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad first before thinking of other operating systems, despite Android having a larger market share. 

I'm not convinced it's that simple, but the facts remain - developers like apple. Brands like apple. Getting an 'app' for your brand is the latest big thing, and yet the android versions of these apps are missing or absent completely. Even freelance developers have their eyes on the prize, and most seem to be chasing the elusive 'super-app' (the new angry birds) to be sold on the iPhone app market.

My Laziness

When it comes to technology, I'm lazy. We all are. The point of technology is to make things easier (that and fun - I mentioned angry birds, right?). And the iPhone makes everything...just. so. easy. 
  • easy synching with my mac and iPod
  • easy browsing (android still isn't a great user experience)
  • easy apps
  • easy navigation
  • easy listening (my android phone isn't also an MP3 player...)
  • easy photography
  • easy sharing
Yes I hate the monopoly. I hate how if I accidentally delete a track I have to re-download and pay for it again. I hate how you can only have 5 computers with your iTunes account on (or was it four?). But, when all's said and done, the iPhone is popular with brands - brands I want to buy things from, and interact with. The iPhone is also a very good looking and well designed phone, with a great user interface.

I may well be giving in...  

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