Sunday, 15 January 2012

Social Media Tips 1 - Some LinkedIn Pros and Cons


Professional information. Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the most focussed on professional interests.

Smaller Audience. Although LinkedIn has a huge user base, it is still not as popular as Facebook or Twitter.

Aids offline networking. After a networking events you can add people you've met on LinkedIn, reinforcing the relationship. Some people even have LinkedIn details on their business cards.

Lacks a personal touch. Online 'introductions' lack the depth of a personal meeting, and some people may prefer not to be put in touch without having met first.

Creates a forum for expertise. Taking part in LinkedIn discussions is a good way to demonstrate individual expertise.

Not as suitable for B2C/leisure&lifestyle As a more formal/professional environment, users are less susceptible to marketing and advertising concerning leisure time products and services.
Highly targeted professional advertising. People on LinkedIn are already in work mode so it's more acceptable to advertise B2B products. Adverts can be targeted by age, gender, seniority, job title and even company.

Not as fun! No farmville to see here people...move along now. As the most professional of the networks, LinkedIn lacks appeal for those who want  entertainment.

Competitor Intelligence Despite a general tightening of employee social media policies sensitive information can sometimes be gathered from CV's on LinkedIn.
Charge for some services  Some 'extra' services such as Jobseeker Premium, ask for a subscription fee.

Analytics Company page admins get data on visitors by industry, title, function and company, page views over time, clicks on jobs, clicks on employee Profiles, and clicks on job "Apply" buttons.

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